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I was running around Toronto all weekend doing photos for various things, people, organizations. I'm kinda feeling over-extended photography-wise right now. I need a weekend off.

It won't be this weekend... but maybe the next one.

I was hanging out in my car between sessions on Halloween afternoon and noticed that the light was kinda, like.. nice. I'd worn contact lenses that day (for no good reason) so I decided to take advantage of being able to see my camera controls without glasses covering my (apparently) giraffe-like eyes - and made some self-indulgent photos.

The vast majority of photos I have of me - were taken by me. There is barely any proof that I have been anywhere or done anything in my life - save for the self-portraits I have taken. The people I do things with are usually not photo-people - so they don't think to take photos with other people in them.

People like me.

Of course everyone I do things with and travel with... comes back with a beautiful portfolio documenting their life.

I need to work on that.

Photographing yourself also helps you figure out how to look your best when other people photograph you. We only really see ourselves in the mirror and in photographs - our friends, family and the other people in our life see us all the time.

A photo other people may love of you - you may think is horrible. But that great photo of you, the one you hate - is you - to them.

Maybe you look like a dork when you're happy.

You need to get over that.

Because everybody sees that dork, except you.

Taking self-portraits helps to meld the misguided image you may have of yourself in your head... with reality.

I also threw in some Brickworks photos from that day, for fun.


BTW - I am told that having "giraffe-like" eyes is a complement. And that it has absolutely nothing to do with having to dislocate one's neck in order to eat.

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