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Father's Day 2010


These are photos of my niece Quinn and my nephew Ronin.

Ronin is 18 months going on 12. He's cute and he knows it. He regularly gets in trouble at daycare - if he's not biting another kid, he's biting himself. He likes to walk up slides without using the ladder and is fascinated by wheels. He has the best dinner table lighting I have ever seen - he can do no wrong in that night. He will do anything for food.

Quinn is 3 years, 3 months old. She humours her little brother, does not understand why he refuses to use the staircase attached to the ladder - and knows she will probably always be taller than her brother. She can not be bought with food. She can be bought with any John Mayer video.

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Brelan Says:

Great Pictures! Even better commentary because you sure captured the things that make Quinn who she is and Ronin who he is! The only thing you forgot to mention is how much they love their aunt!


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