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New Blog. Big Photos. Little Thoughts.

On June 3rd each year, for the past 25 years, I've tried to do something interesting in my life. Something different. Shake things up a bit. Sometimes intentionally, often not.

This year, on this date, besides taking my cat to the vet in a sort of emergency situation - I decided to discontinue my old blog. Perhaps it will be a hiatus until next June 3rd? Who knows.

I'm still going to write - but much shorter (hopefully) bits with an attempt at promoting things/people/causes that I believe in - as well as centering more on my photography.

Big Photos. Big Thoughts. Few Words.

So I've started this photoblog. I'm populating it back in time, bit by bit - I plan to take it back a couple years. I am including some weddings and some of my best stuff over that time.

I'll still write about my opinions on various things - as many of you have told me how much you "like the way" I think or "how my brain" works (or not). So I will still attempt to "edutain" y'all with the weird/interesting stuff I come across. But perhaps with fewer words.

You can use the keywords at the bottom of the blog to navigate related posts/photography.

I totally look cross-eyed in that photo. I know.

I think I'm also going to take some of these earrings out my ears. I'm too old for this many holes in my head.


2 Response to "New Blog. Big Photos. Little Thoughts."

Patricia Says:

Like the new format Kanch - looks good, and your Iceland pictures are incredible. I'm honoured to be a keyword on your front page, even if I have to share the post with Mike ;)

©km Says:

thanks Pat. I guess you'll have to share a lot of things with him now, after marrying him and all :)

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