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How to Plan A Wedding


How to Plan a Wedding.

First, decide you want to get married near the water.

Next, decide you don't want to get married on Pride weekend, for various reasons.

Book your venue - Atlantis - for Canada Day weekend. The weekend after Pride Weekend.

Decide you want lots of music at your wedding.

And get on with things.

Things that can go awry:

The G20 happens, and moves Pride Weekend to Canada Day weekend.

The CHIN picnic happens that weekend, too. Across the street.

Iron Maiden books the venue next to your outdoor rooftop wedding, for the same day as your wedding.

Iron Maiden decides to do sound check during your ceremony.

This is not the music you had intended for your wedding...

Things that can go right

You marry the person you know you're supposed to.


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DocMac Says:

I love this story Kanchan....can it be any more amazing. You are right....I KNOW I am supposed to be with the beautiful, creative, exhuberant, awesome woman who is in these photos with me!!!! Thank you so much for capturing these special moments.

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