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Dunes and Derby and Doggies

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls-9-3

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls-8


Spring Lake-1Spring Lake-4

Lake Michigan Dunes-1

I'm planning a big trip for the end of this year, into 2011. Somewhere south. Somewhere near the "end of the earth" - with someone I barely know.

Alarm bells, I know. I know.

A life lesson I have learned through painful trial and error is that before planning a multi-week trip with someone you barely know - it's always a good idea so spend a bit of time together to make sure you kinda, sorta get along. Otherwise you'll probably have better luck and less drama with strangers.

I prefer not to travel solo. I like traveling with like-minded people, experienced travelers - and people who I don't feel I need to look out for. People who maybe, now and then, could look out for me, take the lead, allow me to not have to think for a bit and be a passenger.

Before this weekend, we'd just spend an hour together last summer - playing euchre. So not even really "together". We decided to try to spend a weekend in each other's company and see if we'd kill each other.

Medical/psychiatric care is easier to get when close to home - in case things went badly.

I drove to Spring Lake, Michigan and we hung out. We saw public art, giant pigs, Roller Derby, hiked on dunes, ripped up photos of the pope.. and had picnics in sun puddles.

And I think we're going to get along.

But if we don't - there are 12 other people on the trip to distract us.

We won't talk about the horrible macadamia nut allergy reaction on the way home and the letter I'm writing to Luna Bar about their Chocolate Raspberry Bar.

Not yet.


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