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How many engineers does it take to....






My engineering class is kinda incestuous. There are a lot of marriages amongst the class. A lot. We got along. It is not typical.

We've known each other for over half our lives.

I realize how rare it is to have such a large group of people one has known for so long. We are all fortunate. I also realize how absurd it is to have so many amongst the group who play a musical instrument, some better than others.

We had our 15yr university reunion last year - coorindated by the university. Almost the entire class showed up. We decided that we still like each other. We decided that we need to do that more often. So we did.

We rented a few chalets at Blue Mountain - we invited people. We brought musical instruments, food, drink - and no kids.

8 guitars, a bass, 2 mandolins, a ukulele, a banjo, a drum set, 10 harmonicas, hand drums, amps, effects boxes and many willing players.

It was the first time some of the couples had been away from their kids for a whole weekend.

There was laughter, great food, tears, music, fantastic conversations and chemistry you can only have with people you have such a long history with.

Some people had not picked up their instruments in years. Some skipped the amazing dinner because they were too happy playing music. The set list included Neil Young, The Rheostatics, The Who, Indigo Girls (easily the worst rendition of Closer to Fine ever performed, but who cares), James, Tragically Hip, Raconteurs, Johnny Cash.. and so much more.

And it was fantastic. Easily one of the best weekends in recent memory.

We're going to try to do it every other year, from now on.

Because - stuff like this - it's important.


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