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Castles and Iron Chefs

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I spent Saturday doing some photos at Casa Loma for LEAF, then made my way down to Harbourfront for the Hot and Spicy Food Festival's Iron Chef competition.

My cousin, local star chef Joshna Maharaj was competing in the first semi finals - Canada vs New Mexico. Secret ingredient = mushrooms. I was doing photos until I was apprehended by the barely 20 year old dude in charge who told me I needed a media pass. So I whipped out my 7 year old Snap Toronto media pass (I have no idea why I had it with me - it means nothing). That was good enough for him to let me keep shooting until the end of the first competition - but dude told me he would escort me to the security desk to get a Harbourfront pass right after the competition. Fine. I didn't ask why he didn't bother anyone else with a camera - none of whom had media passes.

As I was being escorted out - I heard someone call "Kanch!". There are very few people who call me that name - either people I am related to or people from childhood - neither of whom I expected to run into at Harbourfront that day. It took me a while to register that it was one of my brother's childhood friends - he was the sous chef in the second semi final - Antigua vs Mexico.

What are the odds of that?

So I got my media pass, wandered around and shot festival photos (one of which made it to BlogTo- then came back to shoot his competition.

I won't tell you who won - you'll have to watch TV for that.

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