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Waterfalls on the Bruce Trail

There are music festivals, then there are Folk Festivals. The first sell out in about 1.25 minutes - the latter, well, you can get tickets at the gate on the day of.

I went to Summerfolk in Owen Sound this past weekend - yes, we got soaked on the Saturday afternoon. But really, that was beside the point of the great music in a low-key setting. Great music, good people - barely any public drunkeness and headache music. You listening to me, Hillside?

I've been going to this festival, on and off, for about 10 years and always staying at a friend's mom's house. I always take the turn-off to "Inglis Falls" to get to the house. In ten years I'd never actually seen Inglis Falls. This year, I finally did.

Who knew Owen Sound was this beautiful? Sure, the waterfalls aren't Iceland spectacular - but I didn't have to fly 5 hours to get here.

Yes, that gate goes to an abandoned water treatment plant. You can't put 3 civil engineers on the Bruce Trail and expect us to NOT stop for that. Come on.




Kids - Life Lesson #254 of being a kid. It sure is fun to stick your head through a fence like that - but it's only fun on the way in. The way out is hell. This is the life lesson where you learn about your ears.

If you like music and stuff - a few good acts from the festival who you may not have heard of:
Poor Angus

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