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Day 3 - Akureyki

Iceland Day 3-2

Threw together some scraps in the morning from dinner leftovers then attempted to find the local seals. Hiked down (and back up) a longish road to the water. There were the seals - on the other side of an inlet. We took our super-zoomed photos and hiked back up to our car, left for Akureyki, the northern capital.

Fortunately the car was not making the grinding sounds from last night. Whatever gravel had found its way into the wheel bearings had found its way out. Good Kia.

Travelled through snow-capped mountains and beautiful valleys on our way to the coastal town. Every time we thought we'd seen the best vista - we'd round a bend and see something even more beautiful. Futile Photography. There were very few pull-outs so most photos were taken through car windows or while parked in driveways at the side of the road.

We arrived at the Hostel and were met with a school bus trip. Local kids from "the east coast" were on field trip. About 40 or 50 of them - early teens, I'm guessing. One was dressed like Adam Lambert and kept singing "what do you want from me...?"

Good times.

We ditched the kids to explore the town. Galleries, museums, churches and a stone paved old town centre. The botanical garden was, if anything suspicious. It was filled with trees. There are hardly any trees left in Iceland. This garden did not seem to be an accurate representation of the country as a whole.

Suspicious, indeed.

Pizza for dinner. Mounting tension within the group.

Perhaps it was only me who noticed it.

But I doubt it.

I have yet to see the travelogues the others sent tonight.

Tomorrow we continue our clockwise trip westerly - Myvatn, waterfalls, including the massive Dettifoss - and ending at the Berg Hostel near Husuvik.

If all goes to plan.

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