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May 25 - Iceland Day 9 - Waterfalls and Ruins

Iceland Day 9 - South Coast & Skogafoss-4

All llong the south coast the beaches are black. Black sand. Assuming this is a result of a volcanic past. We saw yet more basalt columns and yet another road closure (this time due to bird breeding season, not weather) and cool stuff we could not get to. We spent some time wandering the beaches and not telling people who we passed on the way out - that they could not get in.

Iceland Day 9 - Gullfoss

After the black sand, this turned out to be the Day of Waterfalls.
Gullfoss and two others. Here we go. As usual - there was not much to protect a stupid tourist from killing themselves. You can get right to the edge of things and throw yourself over the edge if you feel like it.

I like these Icelandic people.

Iceland Day 9 - South Coast & Skogafoss-8

Iceland Day 9 - Skogafoss, Gulfoss, Volcano (not)-2Iceland Day 9 - Seljarlandsfoss

Iceland Day 9 - Volcano (not)-5

On the way to yet another waterfall - we attempted to see what was left of the Volcano. We'd heard that it had recently stopped doing its thing - but unexpectedly drove right past it. Zero effort required. We stopped outside a farm and there it was. Right behind the farm. Just like Dijon said. Unfortunately it had stopped puffing big things and spewing lava. But there it was.

My travel mates were disappointed. Again.

I was still impressed at how close it was, despite the small puffs still coming out. If you look at the farm silos - then directly up - that's what is left of the puffing.

Iceland Day 10 - Geysir-7
Iceland Day 10 - Geysir-10-2

The area within about 3 hours of Reykjavik is popular because of its proximity to the city. While we were often the only people witnessing things in the north - we had to fight for parking spaces in the south.

We continued on to Geysir. Yes, that is how it is spelled. Actually, Geysir proper does not erupt much any more. But its next door neighbour does. About every 5 minutes. I tried to photograph and film the first big eruption. I orientated my camera landscape wise and the plume quickly went out of frame - so I continued shooting while I turned the camera.

I'll see if I can post the video, somehow. Somewhere.

There was a father-led family who was directly downwind from this eruption. Guess they figured all the people were on the other side for no good reason. The kids made a run for it when the geysir erupted - but dad stood firm and took the plume. Idiot, really. The water cools once it hits the air - but it's still sulphur stenched. As I'm sure he was after that. Idiot.

But I'm with the Icelandic people on this one - if you're too stupid to stand up-wind from a geysir plume, you deserve to get drenched.


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