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May 22 - Day 6 - The Fjords

Iceland Day 6-11

The other two decided to go fishing on pond within the farm and I wandered around photographing the horses in the morning. No foreign horses have been let on the island for thousands of years. These are all supposedly genetically pure Icelandic horses. No fish were caught.

We continued south along the coast and along more dirt roads towards our next destination - Seydisfjordur. Beautiful valleys and cliffs along the way. Many times it felt like we were driving along the top of a mountain plateau with glacial lakes all around us. Fog moving over mountains right infront of our eyes, driving through clouds. Surrounded by beauty.

Iceland Day 6-2

Iceland Day 6-8-2

This seemed to be a holiday weekend in Iceland. Lots of campers out and people doing the trailer thing by the lake. It was a bit weird - they are surrounded by all this beauty yet they go to a lake close to the city and set up a camper.

We attempted to climb up to Hengifoss. A waterfall surrounded by basalt columns. There were several waterfalls on the way up which were also beautiful - and surrounded by those same columns. I didn't attempt to continue to the top because the steep uphill climb, while not taxing on my knee - would undoubtedly lead to the downhill portion - which would probably disable me for the next day.

The others did not make it, either. A river was rushing across the path. They wanted to build a bridge to cross it, and I did mention that the gates (above) could be taken off their posts and made into the required bridge - I also mentioned that we do not want to be "those tourists" who wreck the place. I think they grudgingly agreed. Barely. Maybe 20yrs ago I would have been that person. Older and Wiser. Hopefully.

We continued to the west coast and Seydisfjordur - a town in at the end of a fjord. Of course. The old hostel was in the former hospital and run by a hippie who I assumed was British. He was from California and working illegally in Iceland. Of course.

Had dinner in town and listened to 2 Icelandic musicians. One folky, one experimental. My cousin got locked in the cafe restaurant at some point and sent me an email to come rescue her. I could not - the door was broken. But a lovely Icelandic man with tools came to her rescue.

A French man who I named "Dijon" (because that's where he's from) attached himself to us - but ditched us for the free computer in the cafe. He did give us tips for a glacial walk when we got to the south.

I am unsure if I am travelling with people who are just "not morning people" or generally moody. But everyone seems "not nice" in the morning - and that kind of sets the mood for the entire day.

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