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Day 5 - Whales & The Arctic Circle

Iceland Day 5-5
Iceland Day 5-2

Woke up, stuffed food and coffee in our faces and I snapped a few photos around the hostel before we headed back to Husavik for our Whale Watching trip with Gentle Giants. I also reinstalled the kitchen clock which I had to disarm the night prior due to its incessantly loud ticking that bothered one travel mate.

We saw whales. 2 Minke and one extroverted Humpback who would have stayed with us for hours, if we had time. This Humpback was especially impressive. We had started to head back in when the guide screamed when we all saw it breach TWICE behind the boat. Apparently it she was trying to get our attention. Apparently this does not happen all the time. The boat was turned back and we hung out a little longer. I have video of a bit of this trip which I found much easier to shoot than photos on a moving boat.

Iceland Day 5-3-2
Iceland Day 5-7 - Husavik

We hung out in the city for a bit and killed time waiting for the one liquor store to open so we could buy wine for the evening dinner. We spent a bit of time in the local bakery where I noticed everyone paying for everything on credit card. Everything. Even $5 purchases. Yeah - there's not much cash in this country right now.

We visited the Phallus museum (weird), got gas (or more like attempted to when travel mate threw tantrum after being unable to figure out the gas pump with Icelandic instructions) - then attempted Dettifoss again - this time from the north. We were denied. Again. No Dettifoss for us.

Several roads were closed due to some rain - so instead of backtracking and finding another way to the east coast - we decided to see how close we could get to the arctic circle and take the northern route.

The roads along the north are not paved, for the most part - but the ones that go over mountains are some of the most beautifully designed I have ever driven on. Perfect road geometry. I was lucky enough to be the driver for this portion.

We got within 2.5km of the Arctic Circle, found a dead dolphin.. and continued toward the Ytra Lon Farm Hostel. Had a home-made pasta dinner and wine that night and tried to play card games that we all knew the rules to.

All with a soundtrack of sheep baa-ing in the background.

Seriously - sheep recordings. On CD.

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