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Reverb10 #13 - Action

"Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?"

30/365 - Hooded

I am all about action. I've never been one who was big on words, at least in person. Actions speak louder than words - but living that saying is a serious matter. Usually when something is stressing me out - it is due to inaction. Either on my part or someone else's. And I can usually reduce that stress by taking some kind of directed action. Facing it head on.

But we're talking about aspirations here. Not ideas.

My aspirations are all over the place. I want to be a better photographer. I want to be a better person. I want to surround myself with good people. I want to acquire various things in my life - not material things.

Just ... things.

Seth Godin wrote a great blog about ideas and where they come from. I won't rehash it here - but every point is great.

This article at Psychology Today about knowing when you've "arrived" also impacted me deeply.

I have not arrived. I am not even at the city where the arrival terminal is, yet.

But I'm so much closer than I was a few years ago. And I think I might even know how to get there from where I am.

So, what steps am I taking to get there?

With photography - I've been doing a lot more pro bono work lately. I've also been trying to teach as much as I can. I've taught a photography workshop for the past 2 summers and have never refused to answer a question someone had about photography or their camera. I've also bought and given a lot of photo equipment and gadgets away to people who especially matter to me, for various reasons.

I've never felt that showing/teaching someone else how to do something was a threat to my own photographic skill or talent. To believe that is just plain insecurity. (that's what the Psych Today blog is about)

And I want to do it more. Seeing someone else make a photograph they are happy with gives me just as much joy as making one myself. Often, it gives me more joy.

My other action-based ideas are about the things I want to accomplish in the next few years. I want more stability.

Settle down, but not settle.

I probably won't get it through my employment, but I think I can get it in other ways. Those other ways are the things that I am working on putting into place. They are mostly to do with the people in my life.

Speaking of action - I put a post on Facebook (and Twitter) today asking if anyone would be available to come with me to my dentist tonight for moral support. I have not been happy with him and he has breached a few ethical rules and legal laws. If one of my friends was to ask me for that, I'd be there if I could. Even for a stranger I barely knew.

I think a lot of people know that about me.

A friend volunteered within 30minutes of me posting it. 3 other kick-ass friends in other cities said they would if they were nearby. And I truly believe they would.

You can send all the Christmas and birthday cards and emails in the world - but your actions will always speak louder than anything you could write in those cards.


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