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Reverb10 #14 - Appreciate

Appreciate. What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

(part of the reverb10 series)

I don't like this prompt. I think it's poorly worded :)

Bloor Street Camera Phone- Brandi Carlile's Bus - October 6/2010

Walmart Sunset-3 - September 30/2010


I have no idea how to narrow this down to just one thing.

I'm trying to separate appreciation from gratitude - which might help me pick just one thing - because I'm grateful for lots. And lots.

I think this prompt is meant to confuse. Well, it's confusing me :) Maybe I should not be thinking about and writing about stuff like this right before I go to bed.

Maybe my mindset is too much in a literal legal mindspace right now because of the overly legal type of day I just had.

But I'll try.

If it's just something that I've learned to appreciate I could say something like classical music, or ballet, or sunrises, or wearing big headphones instead of ear buds. Because I'm assuming it's something new, that I didn't think I appreciated before this year.

And it's hard to discern how I've specifically expressed gratitude for those things.

But I'm thankful for all of them.

Next :)


3 Response to "Reverb10 #14 - Appreciate"

Lizz Says:

I went ahead and took the Thankful angle. There's no rules, so take it how you want!

Courtney Says:

I think you've thanked the sunrise just by taking and sharing gorgeous photos. What a breathtaking sky in that second photo!

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