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Reverb10 Friendship

I wrote this on the first leg of my flight.

Prompt: How has a friend changed your perspective on the world?


I have gone on a lot of dates. More than most people. But I've never really talked to someone I was not on a date with, or dating... About dating.

I think most of us think that the way we view the world must be similar to the way other rational people do. But The more people I meet the more I realise how different perspectives and expectations can be.

I've been talking to one friend about dating (not each other, just the process). What we look for, what matters, what does not.

Admittedly this friend has been on far fewer dates than I have.. But the basics of what we are looking for are similar on many levels .. With a few glaring exceptions.

They have a very firm stance on the physical attractiveness of anyone they will even consider going on a date with.

As in... The other person has to be hot. Not average. But hot. hot.

Sure, we all have 'types', whether we will admit it or not, but I honestly thought that after a certain age most people let that hotness stuff go. That other qualities become more important. That attraction is based on more than looks and we realise how attractive ;and Hot) a brilliant personality can be..

But wow. I was so wrong.

And I could write far more about the possible reasons for making something so superficial so important.

But I won't :)

We are friends... And we get along great. But I don't think we will see eye to eye on this point fir a long time.



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