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Patricia and Michael

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I've known Mike since he was about 10 years old. He's older now. The wedding and ceremony took place in Port Credit and they rented a 1960's Princess for the photos. Love that car - it had a huge back seat area and I could lean over from the front seat and photograph them in the back.

All these photos were shot after the ceremony

Jill & Brad


Couples who have been together a long time are always fun to shoot. Jill and Brad already had 2 sons and were not fans of formality at their wedding. We did the photos beforehand at Jill's Parent's place in Milton. The rain held off just long enough for us to do the photos with some lush green grass.

Tracy & Kate July 2008


Tracy & Kate were married near Aurora, Ontario. The venue had a small open-air wooden chapel on site surrounded with gardens - on top of a hill. Cosmos and sushi appetizers were served to the guests immediately after the ceremony and there was a "party" atmosphere from the moments the brides arrived to the end of the night. Guests were carted from their hotel to the ceremony (and I'm assuming back) in a yellow school bus.

Seymone & Philip - June 2008

Philip and Seymone were married at Fantasy Farm in Toronto. This was my first ever wedding at Fantasy Farm. It is a different kind of place. The rain did not stop long enough to enable the planned outdoor ceremony, but it did stop for a few moments so we could do some photos outside afterwards. If only the ground was not soft and the bride's heels did not keep sinking into it.
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