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Being A Tourist with an Aussie

March30_2010 Steamwhistle Tour
March30_2010-3 CN TowerMarch30_2010 Steamwhistle Tour

My Australian friend Anna paid a short visit to Toronto on her way to the Middle East. I decided to take her on a Brewery Tour at Steamwhistle. She was quite happy that she got to drink not only the 2 pints allocated to her - but my 2 as well.

Look up, Way Up

March21-1-2 Queen & UniMarch21-6

I continue to be amazed by the amount of people, who, after looking at my sky photos can't believe that they were in the same place at the same time and "did not see that". Queen and Uni.

The second photo is at the distillery - another "hold the camera at waist level" and see what happens. A blind shot.

I'm on a Bus


I have to ride a lot of transit as part of my job. I like to call it "secret shopping". These photos were taken on one such weekend day - mostly on the 35 Jane Bus.

As you can tell - this route, mostly due to the low socio-economic standing of the people who use it.. does not get upgraded often. Hence the 1980's bus shelter I came across.
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