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Melissa and Tanya - 22 October 2011

The year of weddings of people I know ended with Melissa and Tanya.  I've known Melissa for about 3 years and first met Tanya during their engagement session a year prior where we dodged a wedding couple with the photo permit and got our photos done on the other side of the same barn.  They were quick and they brought their own props, I like that.

Wedding and reception were at Knollwood Golf Course in Brantford. The "new course".

The bride wore Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The other bride wore a tuxedo.

The sometimes goofy faces are intentional. That's just the type of people they are :)

Clare and Adrienne - March 2011

I've known Clare for a few years, but only met Adrienne about 6 months prior to the wedding in a restaurant in Toronto.  The second time I met Adrienne was at her wedding.  Clare's dress was (I think) a mash up from Winners and Peach Berserk. Wedding and ceremony took place at Verses in Kitchener.  Photos were done in various parks and buildings around Kitchener Waterloo before the ceremony.

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