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Aleksandra & Milan - 1 September 2012

This was one of those super rare weddings that didn’t come from a personal referral (as far as I know, and I asked a few times).  We met in a coffee shop in the spring and had one of the most casual meetings, ever.  They told me it was going to be a small ceremony, reception at the Barber House (where I had been once before as a wedding guest and was asked why I didn’t bring my camera, because they didn’t hire a photographer.. but that’s another story) and a short 2-3 hour booking. Sounded perfect.

This was also the first wedding where I arrived well before everyone else.  I was checking my email and calendar to make sure I had the right time/place when I showed up to an empty church. I occupied myself with some empty church photos that I’ll send along to the church and see if they want.

From the ceremony I gathered that this couple met because they were neighbours.  Or something close to that. They were both super sweet and like most couples, relaxed once the whole thing was over.

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