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Walmart Sunset

Walmart Sunset-3 - September 30/2010
Walmart Sunset-5 - September 30/2010

Walmart Sunset-2 - September 30/2010Walmart Sunset-1 - September 30/2010

Walmart Sunset-4 - September 30/2010

I know a lot of people have a hate-on for Walmart, but my philosophy has always been that if I'm going to buy a brand-name product - I am going to do so at the place that charges me the least amount of money for it, is accessible when I want it and screws over society/environment the least to get that product to me.

Walmart is the world's largest company. Yes they screw up. If Walmart farts, the whole world stinks. But they also do some pretty great things on a scale that no other retailer can match.

Walmart is now also the world's largest grocer - and seems to be taking the
responsibility assciated with that distinction kinda seriously (at least publicly). No other retailer can impact (positively or negatively) the way food is sourced and distributed like Walmart can.

Walmart is huge and it exists - pretending they are/do not is plain silly.

So you don't shop there because they put "the little guy" out of business.


"In 2002, Ryerson University completed the first major study on the company's impact on nearby small retailers, and found the opening of a new outlet is generally an economic boon for the whole area -- attracting other retailers and driving up sales at nearby stores. In metropolitan areas, a new Wal-Mart was generally followed by an increase of $56.8 million in local sales, and the opening of 12.9 new stores. In rural areas, the commercial boost was $74.1 million and 16.7 new stores on average. Meanwhile, economic growth in areas with Wal-Mart stores far outpaced growth in places without them. The final line of the study said it all: "It is difficult to make the case that a Wal-Mart store actually puts other retailers out of business."

They are 'greening" their distribution fleet, installing more solar power than ANY other retailer.

Other companies can make changes, improve working conditions, put in solar/green power, improve the efficiency of their supply chain. But NO other company's changes will have as huge of a global impact as Walmart doing the same thing.

No other company is under as much scrutiny as Walmart. Every aspect of every store and every bit of their operations is being watched. Other smaller companies have labour relations problems, supply chain issues, environmental screw ups. But most are not watched and scrutinized to the level that Walmart is.

And they are - trying. It's easy to change the direction of a small company. Notso easy when you're the biggest company in the world with two million employees. They have owned up to most of their screw ups - and goodness knows anything they screw up in the future will be reported on. They can't hide. They have over 2 million employees - of course some are going to be pissed off.

If you're buying your brand name products from some other store and paying more than you would at Walmart. Why are you?

Walmart doesn't care if you buy your stuff there or not. They are going to exist and live on and prosper no matter where you buy your Crest, or Gillete, or Pillsbury or Kraft products - or whatever at another store - and pay more for it. You are not going to put Walmart out of business by buying your toothpaste and deodorant somewhere else.

Walmart is too big to care where you buy your shit.

And if you're doing it to support "the little guy" - the way that brand-name product got to that little store was probably wa-ay less efficient than the way that it got to Walmart. Their employees probably don't make any more money or have any better benefits (if any) - at least the 30+ hour workers at Walmart DO have benefits. And no, you can not live on the salary that you earn at Walmart - but you generally can't live on the salary that you earn at any retail type store.

You're supporting the small guy for no other reason than on principle. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that.

I'm also not saying you should shop at Walmart - but just make sure the reasons you don't - are valid.

Go ahead - bring it. I'm ready... :)

Walmart - keeping seniors and students off Canadian streets since 1994.

All those photos were shot with my 4 year old Camera Phone.


How many engineers does it take to....






My engineering class is kinda incestuous. There are a lot of marriages amongst the class. A lot. We got along. It is not typical.

We've known each other for over half our lives.

I realize how rare it is to have such a large group of people one has known for so long. We are all fortunate. I also realize how absurd it is to have so many amongst the group who play a musical instrument, some better than others.

We had our 15yr university reunion last year - coorindated by the university. Almost the entire class showed up. We decided that we still like each other. We decided that we need to do that more often. So we did.

We rented a few chalets at Blue Mountain - we invited people. We brought musical instruments, food, drink - and no kids.

8 guitars, a bass, 2 mandolins, a ukulele, a banjo, a drum set, 10 harmonicas, hand drums, amps, effects boxes and many willing players.

It was the first time some of the couples had been away from their kids for a whole weekend.

There was laughter, great food, tears, music, fantastic conversations and chemistry you can only have with people you have such a long history with.

Some people had not picked up their instruments in years. Some skipped the amazing dinner because they were too happy playing music. The set list included Neil Young, The Rheostatics, The Who, Indigo Girls (easily the worst rendition of Closer to Fine ever performed, but who cares), James, Tragically Hip, Raconteurs, Johnny Cash.. and so much more.

And it was fantastic. Easily one of the best weekends in recent memory.

We're going to try to do it every other year, from now on.

Because - stuff like this - it's important.

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