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Kilts in December

Eaton Centre - December18-5Eaton Centre - December18-6

For some reason, the men I work with wear Kilts to work on a few selected days each year. This was one of those days. We went for lunch at the Irish Embassy then I checked out the shoppers at the Eaton Centre

Mount Pleasant Cemetery



I was supposed to meet up with a walking group going through Mount Pleasant Cemetery this afternoon. I showed up at the meeting point a few minutes late and they had left. So I figured "how hard can to find them in a cemetery". Harder than I thought. So I wandered around on my own until I ran into them 45minutes later.

Sadly, I saw more while I was wandering on my own than I did with the group.

Echo, the Cat


Sometimes a cat just decides to sit on an empty box. Sometimes there is really good lighting on that box. Cats are kinda lazy - they make perfect photography subjects.

Colourful Carpets

More High Park wandering. Sometimes I think the leaves look more beautiful on the ground than they do on the trees.

Stacks. High Park


Charis stacked up at the Grenadier Cafe in High Park for the end of the season

A Leaf Grows in Rosedale


Wandering through Rosedale

Christy & Dustin



I've known Dustin for 4 years from the ATC days. Christy and Dustin have been together a long time. A case of "my best friends girlfriend" brought together. Since the best friend is okay with it all - it's a happy story. They were married in London ON and it was a case of doing most of the formal photos before the ceremony.

Outside the Gladstone


I'd just wandered the Queen West Art Crawl thing and Trinity Bellwoods art fair and needed some refreshment. Nothing like the Gladstone. But first I just stood outside and did some people, and sky.. watching.

Richmond Street


Richmond_Street-3Massey Hall

I had a lot of TIFF screenings to attend this year. The weather was perfect for walking - and some days I had to walk faster than others. Today I had to speed walk from the Elgin to the Scotiabank Theatre. I decided to walk along Richmond - into the sun. I also decided to not look through my viewfinder as I did it - for a different view of things.

Leslie Spit


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